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Bandh karo bandh karna…

October 1, 2007

State wide bandh… What is the purpose of a bandh? How is disruption of services by political parties justified? I am not sure I agree with trade unions closing shops as a mark of protest, but I can atleast understand what they are trying to prove. But why do political parties call for bandh? What especially is a ruling party trying to achieve by calling for bandh as a means of protest?
What is bandh? If it is opposing parties, it is an openly forcible threat to close shops and if it is the ruling party, it is an implicit force. Shops, buses, autorickshaws all closed. What does this no income day mean to any of us?
Why is a government involved in something where its people are not benefited?

Another great way of protest.. Rail Roko..Not only against the railways. Any issues with any one–rail roko…

What if someone is travelling urgently to somewhere? Doesn’t matter? Why railways? Why dont you protest before a highway truck speeding along NH4? No Sir!!
Then again we have more such unique protest methods, come to think of it..We do immolation as if fire is water.. Not just politics, cinemas with so many mothers and sons and daughters and uncles and great grand aunts who will pour kerosene and fight with the match stick.. How I wish it lights up once.. And the real immolation? What does it earn you except decrease in Indian Population by one?

And yet another…Burning buses..Burning effigies..Atleast later is harmless, albiet funny, former is formidable. I can only remember the Dharmapuri incident.

And another “Jail Bharo”..What is the point man? Filling up jails ? You only save a day’s meal expense from your pocket and thank Government’s pocket?

What are these protests but attracting attention and claiming martyrdom ?If there are more funny ways of protests I have missed out, please comment…

P.s. No party supported directly or indirectly


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    huh? disgusting!. u have bcome such an anti-gandhian?:P

    bandh and dharna are building blocks of Indian politics. rail rokho had various reasons (some of them settupped small-houses through that, don’t u know? ;-))

    if u dispute this, then, “varugira budhan kizhamai thamizhagam engum rail, bus, auto, kadigaaram edhuvume odaadhu” 😛

  2. Vijay permalink

    Shubz… u hav missed wat our CM is doing today…. “Unnaviradham”…..

    I really feel “pity” on these politicians who “really starve” till death….. Indeed sad condition :-)) (I pray no farmer from AP hear this)…..

  3. Fiery Ice permalink

    kadigaaram odaadhu ? LOL

    Unnaviradham is for the thondargal..These ppl just start the unnaviradham..Have u not heard the usual headlines “XYZ unnaviradhathai tuvakki vaithaar”
    (XYZ started the hunger fast)
    Who continues is not mentioned, please note!

  4. Sriram R permalink

    @ unnaviradham –
    its a new technology/strategy, called “One-Day Unnaviradham”. 9am-5pm, nadule 1-2pm lunch break! 😛

  5. Vinod R Iyer permalink

    Have been living most of my life in kerala … and trust me I know how irritating bandhs can get. For every other day there is bandh . And I dont think SC’s statement too is not gonna make much of a diff ! Sigh …

  6. Fiery Ice permalink


    People think that bandh is a peaceful way of protest..LOL

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