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The master of all he surveys…

August 3, 2007

Why this title? I will explain. I am doing a FMCG survey. Sample population 80 inside IIT. There are four subcategories. So we need to go around asking people what they do, which soap they use, why they use, which one they hate and why they hate it.
Honestly, I was jumping with joy doing something as practical and fun as this. But I did not realise that Prof.VRags meant it when he said,”Note down the difficulties faced”
It is tough asking the freshers- they are scared of everything.
It is tough asking the PhDs- They are invisible
It is tough asking the Employees- They say everything as “I dont know”
It is tough asking the Others – They think you are trying to sell something. “Oh I dont trust salesmen syndrome”.

One guy even asked me “You dont mean the TV Soaps, right”..Come on man, when has a TV Soap been useful in India. I was asking about the soap you use.
So when prof LSG as a passing note, commented that it is an art to question in surveys , I began rethinking my whole approach.
May be I am asking the wrong way!!

May be these will work..

  • What does bathing in soap feel like? CNN IBN Approach
  • Exclusively Live Video of a person bathing to show that soaps do exist… AajTak approach also famously taught as “Prince Rescue Syndrome”
  • “Vanakkam, Indru neengal soap vaangi kulitheergala?” – Nirmala Periyasamy of sun TV fame approach
  • “Sir, unga per verum sundaram ah? soap sundaram ah?” – Vivek’s unique “Lord LabakDas ” Approach
  • Pamphlets like “The one who answers the survey got soap manufacturer for a wife.The one who ignored this was cursed to smell even on bathing. Sai baba/Jesus/Venkateswara are all watching. ” -Simple Email approach
  • Mails like “Please answer the survey. I am a 99 year old man with 2 eyes 2 ears and 2 of everything in my body. If you do answer and bring more people , Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet will give me 10 paise” approach

Whaddya think?


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  1. TheCruisemaniac permalink

    Well… I’m no MBA, but i’d suggest you try the google approach… Go with a wild sample set, and have people come forward to divulge the answers…

    Which would go something like…
    In the case of a housewife, Mrs. X, near my house uses ABC soap. What are your comments on the product???

    And yeah, one more thing, i dont even know if what i’m typing in is relevant… So… Peace!!!

  2. Sriram R permalink

    Tami’l’ Naadu police in Cinema style….

    arrest the person, beat’m up, “sollu, unmaiye sollu, YYY brand soap thaane use pannare, sollu.. enakku theriyum, Oru unmaiyaana Tami’l’an ande soap thaan ubayogippan nu… Sollu… ippo sollaporiyaa illeya”

  3. Fiery Ice permalink

    Hey Ash,
    I appreciate ur help, but ppl will prefer saying yes if i suggest something, hiding the actual answer as it is easier.
    Idhu mattum dhaaan baakhi..
    Saama Dhana Bedham try panniyaachu
    Dandam dhaan baakhi (just kidding)
    Actually it is okay mostly only some are wierd!!!

  4. rebel permalink

    soap sundaram ah
    That was really funny! 😀

  5. retarded permalink

    kumbeepakam try pannalaame!!! :))

  6. Fiery Ice permalink

    Thanks for the idea..but survey mudinchidhichi

  7. keerthy karthikeyan permalink

    hey girl..
    this one was good…am havin Market Research as an elective in Q5..too bad Bharadwaj doesnt teach me all these styles.. 🙂

  8. Fiery Ice permalink

    Welcome Keerthy and Bhai!

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