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Music, Mythology and My Systems Thinking Class

August 1, 2007

I just am out of my systems thinking class. If the way prof. LSG teaches in the class, is any indication of what I will be learning , man, I am glad of the choice….The faculty is amazing. They teach us in some exciting methods. OB prof Ms. Sangamitra chose to start with a movie (12 Angry Men) and Marketing prof with a research survey. I thoroughly love the pedagogy and I can absolutely relate to what is being taught. Metaphors from Music , Mythology – the fields I relate to easily, makes me feel at home.

Hoping that I learn to apply the class …

I feel so out of touch with the General stuff , and am writing personal stuff, that few people can relate to. I will return to general musings , when I can find a reason to do so.


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  1. Bhai permalink

    wait till GS hits you with his BEER game, RS gives all his whacky projects and assignments and Bharadwaj gives all his cases and projects….

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