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At the dawn of a new start

July 18, 2007

It is a matter of few days, before I start on my new journey of learning. I am going to begin my MBA. This means a new learning period and , as I always am, before a new venture, I am nervous. The wait period of one month has infact increased my apprehensions. But I am trying to be optimistic and looking forward to this 2 years.

So wish me luck, as I sail ahead!
Of course, will keep posting!! (now that there is a lappie )

Thank god for the small perks that this MBA has brought along!!


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  1. rebel permalink

    Subbu, as nivi would like to call you, All the very best!

    Nalla pannu.. I know you would.. Basically IITM la enjoy pannu :D. Anga ella pasangalayum kedukkadha. Find some cute guy for me!

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    Hey Rebel,

    Thanks for the wishes!! As for finding a cute guy, you shoudl have already found one???

  3. rebel permalink

    Illai ma! Kadacha ivalo paeru kitta solluvena! Currently single, very much ready to mingle 😀

  4. nivedita permalink

    Che has given up all hope i guess. U enjoy lady!

  5. Fiery Ice permalink

    boy boy mingle
    girls girls mingle
    why boy girl jingle mingle??

  6. rebel permalink

    enna kka solrennga? Anyways for clarifications sake, me is straight 🙂

  7. Fiery Ice permalink

    I only told the rules of straight living..LOL

  8. Sriram R permalink

    all the best for ur student life and ur ‘mami’ work 😛

  9. Fiery Ice permalink


  10. Anonymous permalink

    All the best Shu…



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