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Get back to reality!!!

July 9, 2007

After playing Uno yesterday at a cousin’s place, and talking to a friend about going out and keeping in touch with people instead of net chatting, and reading Rebel’s post, I felt nostalgic too.

After thinking about heavy questions like , what is the world going to and if two spoons of sugar is enough for a good cup of coffee, I decided to do my part to be back in the reality.

I am not (fans be assured) going to stop blogging. This will be my way of reminding the virtual world , how I fare in the reality.
It is going to be ummm…different, to say the least.
I cannot go on Invisible mode,(unless I am harry potter, which is even more fantastic than virtual chatting) . I cannot say brb and still be in the same place, letting the other wonder where we are. I cannot say “I just answered your question, may be it is the service provider’s problem” when some one asks you a question you obviously dont know the answer for.
I cannot , I repeat, I just cannot do multi chatting and gossipping…

But to think of it, atleast you wont get ppl who say, “I think you are beautiful. I am tall dark and handsome. I like all things in your profile. Can we be friends?”

So , let me shake off the virtual cobwebs and go out on a coffee with some ol’ friend..As long as I can make them pay for the coffee..


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  1. rebel permalink

    I cannot say brb and still be in the same place

    We do that, dont we! We so need to catch up and I would love to spend at least an hour in that room of yours — the standalone one on the first floor where we claimed to study a million times in 2 years..

  2. Sriram R permalink

    “As long as I can make them pay for the coffee..”

    Thirundhave maattiya? 😉

  3. Fiery Ice permalink


    sure ! it would be great to catch up!! mail when in chennai, gal!


    It is “kooda porandha pazhakkam”

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