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Shrek 3 Review

July 5, 2007

I was watching Shrek the third, and I laughed through it. Yet I am disappointed!
Like all sequels that rot after sometime, Shrek is perhaps running out of ideas. I was amused by Sleeping beauty, Cindrella and all those ideas, but hello! aren’t we becoming a little too predictable?
Prince Charming is back with a vengeance to become King Charming, after King of Far Far Away dies. The hier to the kingdom is Shrek or a school boy Arthur. Shrek doesnt want that position, so he goes in hunting of Arthur who is, let me say, a bit unwilling, leaving behind a pregnant Fiona?
How he comes back to see the villains of Fairy tale stories taking over the kingdom and how the internal beauty overtakes the external one, is the end of the story!

Few good moments
1)When Cindrella, SNowwhite and Sleeping Beauty go to their positions in the jail, waiting to be rescued
2)When Pinochchio tries hard not to tell the truth about Shrek’s whereabouts without lying either..

Otherwise, less laughs than usual and lesser funny innuendos!!

Should I say disappointing?


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One Comment
  1. rebel permalink

    Hey I liked the part where Puss in Boots forgets he is in Donkey’s body and tries to pull the cute face and gets beaten up! Lol…

    Anyways I echo your thoughts too.. I did not like Shrek 3.. It was bad…

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