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Story of how I came to chennai

July 2, 2007

Three of us! Train delayed.. Caught in railway station..30 Baggages!What do u do…Run around to packers and movers , push 2/5 of the luggage to them, wait for train for 7.5 hours and come home at 12 at midnight !! Whoa..This is the best way I could remember my last trip from Pune to Chennai.. Thanks to all friends who came to see us off!!
I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does it always rain when we dont want it!

It rained first when we came from Pune to Chennai for diwali..We came by bus to Blore and Qualis to Chennai from there!!! Two days delayed!!!
This beats that, or does it??


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  1. TheCruisemaniac permalink

    Gr8 Job @ that!!!

    And Congrats on your starting of a B-School life…

    Keep in touch…


  2. Fiery Ice permalink


    U keep in touch thru my gmail id…ok?

  3. TheCruisemaniac permalink

    Will do girl… Wats ur GMail ID anyways??? 😛

  4. rebel permalink

    Why does it always rain when we dont want it

    That, honey is what is called Murphy’s law!

  5. Fiery Ice permalink

    Why cant murphy’s law go wrong!

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