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Good Bye Pune!

June 21, 2007

This is one post I have been postponing…
I am leaving Pune on June 29th. I am going to start on my MBA at IIT madras.

June 3rd 2005, with all apprehensions and confusions, I landed in this city of monsoon. It was my first job and first stab at living alone and first try at responsibility. No comments on how it has worked out today, but it was scary at that time.
Two years have rolled on and I have managed to learn a lot of things, fall some and get back on my feet, and manage my money a bit too. Now, I am going to start on my MBA.
Back to the student life, so it is going to be fun. But since the last two years, money has become an integral part of me, so now it is going to be tough living a Spartan life. 🙂

There are several things that will come to my mind when I speak of Pune.
Here are some of them, in no particular order, as each is special in one way.

  • Ghidughidu sandhu-the bad road on the way to my
  • Mayur- the hotel that was our annapoorani (Food
  • Balaji Icecream shop
  • Auto waale who refuse to whatever place you ask.
  • Swaami’s and Woodlands and kannika and samudra –all hotels
    near office- my escape from canteen food
  • Barista and CCD- the cold coffee for sure
  • Dosa plaza and Durga Coffee
  • Mamata supermarket –the small shop near our house, that calls
    itself super market 🙂
  • Food world and snehdalan
  • CITYPRIDE KOTHRUD and ESQUARE..City pride has flourished just
    because of our gang watching movies there.
  • Maharashtra Hotel Management Institute my first
  • Sadichcha –My society
  • 8th floor Annexe where I have been working since past one
  • Pune Central,Pyramid Mall
  • MG Road and Laxmi Road
  • FC Road and JM Road
  • Mulshi
  • Harihareshwar,Srivardhan and Dhiveaghar
  • S B Salgar- our faithful tailors
  • The street side book vendor- my evergreen supply of
  • Ganesh Tea stall
  • INFINET – The net browsing center
  • Sarthak the cheap restaurant
  • Harshad – we ate the little dhaba to
    bankruptcy 🙂

There are stories associated with each of them, that will take up pages. But my karvenagar friends, can always relate to each of this..
So here’s a toast to the two years in Pune and its beautiful memories!!
Love you Pune and Miss you so badly!!


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    i think nee Pune’le irukkara ella edatheyum sollitte 😛

  2. rebel permalink

    Ooooooooooooooh… Ok, All the best.. Do really well.. You must be feeling really bad na… Its 2 full years!

    Have a great time at IITM 🙂

  3. TheCruisemaniac permalink

    @Deee: This is what I meant by life moves on…

    Have fun girl… And all the best…

  4. Freya permalink

    Sad… esp coming home after 2 years must be difficult. I even remember the times I was there… am so sorry that I couldn’t come there again!!! One more miss.

  5. “Mamata supermarket –the small shop near our house, that calls
    itself super market :)”

    Hahaha 😛 I have an Om Super Market near my place. LOL

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