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Art movies Vs Commercial movies

May 6, 2007

If someone asks me which is better cinema- art movies or masala movies , I would really not know. I know some friends who cant watch one “commercial” movie (as they call it) without spitting at it and saying this was not worth it etc. They would however return to a sure shot “MASALAA” movie again, just to spit at it. I am not talking about movies like “Shakalaka Boom Boom” (They are all unpardonable ROTFL) But the movies like “Namaste London” or “Don” or “Kuch Kuch Hota hai” etc (Again, I wont argue for KANK). Technically they may be flawed. They most probably are.
There are again friends who say “Why should I face ugliness, gore or reality in cinema?” I just want to enjoy. Again , all respect to them, but I dont think such cinema is bad either. Movies like “Virumaandi”, “Chandni Bar”, “Traffic Signal” where people dont wear new dress every day (:D) , they are okay too.
I think it is a matter of perspective only. If I can isolate myself and just want to party , I think the masala movies with crisp handsome men and beautiful babes are good choice. But in a more sober mood, I think I can enjoy myself with the arty kind of movies too , only if I can isolate myself from the movie. I dont think one should be called “front bencher” for watching the masala types or “nerdy” for watching “ugly” (not my words) movies.
More importantly, I dont think I can judge anyone from their movie tastes.. After all ,movie is not reality and also I try not to be judgemental whenever I can.

P.S. After listening to arguments from both kinds and been thinking over this for a while…
Any comments? Which is better and why?


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  1. void permalink

    I think the masala movies with crisp handsome men and beautiful babes are good choice

    Handsome hunk puridhu, good babes enathukku unakku? Or do I not know u well enuf???? 😐

    Anyways, for someone like me, who cannot exactly be called a movie buff, I guess any movie is fine as long as they r not really bad. Watching a movie is just for tp and based on my mood the taste varies. But, for certain people who absolute movie freaks and can critique them really well, I can understand if they think KJo is a bane on the face of this earth. (Even they dont say it, I really do! Have u watched Koffee with Karan! Goddamnit he s just not worth living.. Phew..)

  2. rebel permalink

    hello.. new post! C mon!

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