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Delhi story-2

February 27, 2007

It was a great experience running Pune to Delhi and back in a day. I did not see places. I had no time. But I did have a great fun.
Back in flight, I was in 25B , of all the places to be, between window and aisle seats!!
The guy in window seat was about 50 years old, obviously a Tamil guy from Delhi. He started talking to me in English.

Here is the conversation.(In brackets are my thoughts and comments)

Window seat guy: Pune?
Me : Yes (smile)
W: Me Chennai. Friends are coming in different flights. I am in this one.
Me: Oh! Why?
W. Each branch office booked in one flight
Me: Oh okay.
W: How much was the ticket?
Me: Three thousand..(Why does he want to know?)
W: For me only 2000 to chennai
Me: You must have booked early
W:Yes! one month ago..
W: I brought and ate Idly in the flight while coming in Air Deccan. Now I have chappati. I wonder if they will allow to eat.
Me: (Please I am so tired after one day of running..I wanna sleep mummy!)I hope to eat what they sell. Hopefully it is good. I am hungry and tired (HINT HINT HINT..I am tired)
W: Oh okay
Mean while I push backthe seat close my eyes thinking “When will the flight start”
W: Why in Delhi?Sight seeing?
Me:No ! Work!!
W:Oh !okay you work in pune?
Me: Yes
W:Software ah?
Me: Yes..
W:My son is BTech IT. Any value ?
Me: Yes ofcourse
W: You?
W: Where?
Me: XXXX college
W: Where?
Me: Near Tambaram.
W: Oh so you must have learnt Tamil
Me: I am Tamilian
W: Okay (He was totally stunned.. cos I was speaking purely in Hindi and English. hoping it would discourage further conversation. I was in so much physical pain and tiredness.. This guy kept questioning even when I closed my eyes)(Further conversation in Tamil)
W: My son is doing Engineering . You think he should do MBA?
Me😦I sat upright) Sir, I am so tired. I would like to sleep. Can I talk later?
W:?!!!! (Turns away from me to window, never to turn)
I know you are all saying “how rude?” but you were not in my shoes…
And the best part is that I am done with Delhi.


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  1. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    Ok honestly, I can see you say i am tired, pls leave me alone! 😀

    Podaaaannnnggggu… nu sollama irundhiyae… adhu un kitterndhu edhirparthadhu!

  2. Fiery Ice permalink


    You know me so well !!LOL!!

    What would you have said

  3. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    Me and cheesy grin and looking at the person helplessly.. So I d finally excuse myslef to the restroom when my threshold is reached!!! 😀

  4. The Cruisemaniac permalink

    Gud 1 babe!!! U shuda said, ur son is a worthless bag of trash and is best fit for begging. He asked you an opinion… You gave him one…

    And yeah, humans dont read your blog that often, what else do you think would read it??? Aliens from Zorpia, the remote planet???

    Take that word verification thingy off!!!!

  5. Vincent permalink

    As a man around half his age, I have to empathize with this situation.
    Paavam, this 50yr old man probably in his mid-life crisis and so worried about his son’s future.. the last thing he needs is a snub from a 20something girl.

    how rude!!


  6. Sriram R permalink

    @ DeeDee — “KaNNu, Un Characteriye purinjikke mattengaraangale!” 😉 u know in what accent one should read this 😛

    @ REBEL – excused ur self to the restroom and then wat?? slept ther? 😉

  7. R.E.B.E.L permalink


    enna romba ozhukkama! idhellam too much.. andha position la irundha therijhirukkum! Cha na indha madhiri evalo vaati maatiruken.. Paavam kolandhai..

  8. Fiery Ice permalink

    Thanks REBEL.. thangal nallaadharavukku nandri!!1

  9. Bharat Jhurani permalink

    i totally relate with u.. co-passengers can really get irritatin!!! especially buggin ven v don want them!! n tht cute chick will not evr speak.. life!!! btw, nice blog!!!

  10. Fiery Ice permalink


    Thanks for dropping by..
    These people want to speak only when you are totally exhausted. Actually , I felt guilty for a while, but then I was not feeling well. 🙂

  11. Ashish permalink

    that was RUDE !!

  12. Fiery Ice permalink


    You were not in my place 😀

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