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Guru — The Review

January 13, 2007

I watched THE MOVIE…
The “Guru Bhai Guru Bhai” music will ring in my ears for days ,where as themiddle aged GuruKant Desai asking “aur chaar factory khol dein?” and giving that smile will be in front of my eyes forever…
I am not sure whom to applaud more, Mani Ratnam or Abishek Bachchan, for GURU KANT DESAI? I thought it over and hand the applause to Abhishek, because Mani Ratnam Sir, this is expected of you!!

I know Abishek Bachchan dances terribly, but we are here not to see him dance, but to see him act, which he does not. He lives as Guru Bhai… The way he ties the watch in his father’s hand and makes him hear the “tick tick” is as good as the way he says, “Shakti parivaar ko Guru bhai kaa pranaam” with his hands above him. As for the hospital scene with his friend, awesome!! You gotta watch it to know what I mean!!
Aishwarya Rai, I never expect her to act… and that is why she gives me a shock! She dances so well and we are content, then she surprises me as the film goes on. There is a part of that giggly giggle girl too, but that is moderated compared to the maturity she shows later.. The way she talks to herself while putting pickle is just a split second shot during Tere Bina song, but I liked it among the best. Towards the climax, when she talks to Mithun Chakroborthy, I was shocked at her intensity.
Speaking of Mithun, good acting, I would say, but sounded a bit of over acting in the start. But ,as he became older and serious, I kinda liked him. Vidya Balan is his grand daughter with multiple sclerosis.
And Vidya Balan has done a good justification to her role, but I would give the credits to ManiRatnam this time…Madhavan is gorgeous and has acted well, esp. when Abishek Bachchan barges into his house asking “Kya kar rahe ho”, he looks up and says “Tadka”!!
Rajeev Menon!! Welcome Back! It was a beautiful movie, as much because of him as it is of Mani Sir. I felt like, I could touch Aishwarya Rai during “Barso Re”, but as the movie goes on I felt the characters more distanced. I don’t know what was done, but I feel it was effective.
AR Rahman! The Genius. Period!!! Splendid is the word….
ManiRatnam Sir!! You are one of the finest!
These two people need no other praise. 🙂
Check out this post of Ferrari for the review of “Guru” in his own style!!


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  1. Bharath Sattanathan permalink

    Can’t believe you liked the movie. Thought it was one of the worst Mani Rathnam movie. Reckon Mani got caught in a tangle between a Shankar’s paradox ending (which have the farthest distance from reality) and commercialization!

    Nevertheless Abhishesk wasn’t bad!

  2. retarded permalink


  3. Fiery Ice permalink


    I dont think any director has to follow a fixed style…I admit the end seemed to surreal, but what else should do you think should the movie end like? I appreciate the end as it is, because I cant think any toher one that I can appreciate

    What is the smile about huh?

  4. Bharath Sattanathan permalink

    Fiery Ice,

    Reckon you have misunderstood my statement!

    When I said a paradox ending, I meant the whole movie – i didn’t quite actually mean the real ending of the movie. Regardless, the conviction in his statements to prove his innocence & guilt didn’t prove it at the end of the day if you have a closer look.

    I accept that Indian Laws (then) didn’t quite elevate, encourage or improve entrepreneurship, but he could have been a little more convincing in trying to explain the same. This is where the need for Mani as a dialogue writer is critical.

    But anyways, different people – different perceptions!

    All the best! 🙂

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