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December 1, 2006

Nive has tagged me.. She expects me to say nine things weird things about me.. Just nine, Nive? I feel I am totally weird. Sometimes, I AM sensible but mostly I think I am weird even to make sense to myself. Anyway here goes..

Singing… I sing any time any where, even in the office.. It is not the delicate humming, but full-fledged singing. Right now, it is “Ay Hairathe…” or “Mayya Mayya” from Guru
I also whistle, whenever I can do that. But I prefer singing. I have stopped singing in office with both ear phones plugged as I get too loud..
Whenever I walk on a road with just another person, I prefer to hold his/her hand and walk without looking at road, just looking at sky.. It is automatic. I even talk without moving my eyes from sky. This is a trait I share with Niranjana from my college.
I have an obsession for books. Bigger the better, and I finish them at stretch. Worst case is two spells (I know this is not too weird…) but imagine someone finishing 700 pages of ShantaRam” in two spells. ‘Yours sincerely’ did.
I read in “Monk who sold his Ferrari” that one cannot hold two thoughts at a time. But I do!! I am right now thinking of this post and hearing a song and wondering where I had heard it previously. Unless I consciously stop myself automatically two things are in processing. This was helpful in college to gossip as well as listen to class at same time.
And here is another one! I miss out articles like ‘A’, ‘An’, ‘the’ while typing. I have to go back to correct. But I get them alright while speaking.
Then, since I got my Nokia 3230, I have a habit of sleeping with cell phone clutched in hand. Every morning I wake up with a pain in left hand.
Then there is my food habits.. I am a voracious eater.. I can eat a whole pan pizza and then splurge on ice cream then make room for some chocolates, all in an hour! Anything except aerated drinks! I can keep loading food. But I can eat less when I want to too…

Then another thing is, the more work I do, the more active I get..
The weirdest of all would be that I have never done all night study. In fact before exams I stop studying at 4 in the evening. I wake up early, get my kit ready and go to exam hall, and watch people studying. I never felt peer pressure in this.
I hope this was wierd enough for you , Nive!! I tag…Retarded and Ferrari


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  1. Anbarasan permalink

    The monk who sold his ferrari.

    “A person cannot hold two thoughts at the same time”

    Though the above statement is generally true, there are exceptions. and nearly 93% indians come in the exceptions category. i read this thing some 3 months back when i was home with a broken leg.

    an average indian can hold 2 thougts and some can go upto 4-5 thougts at the same time. the reason for this has been attributed to the large amount of languages found in our country.

  2. Sriram R permalink

    I believe “Monk who sold his ferrari” is somewhat in lines with “sUNyavAdham”….
    we do think 2 things at a time when we handle english or any other non-mother-tongue language…. don’t we ? unless we are “Petres” who claim to think in english 😛

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