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What God means to me?

November 23, 2006

I have been thinking about God and my relation to him in general.
I have ranged from being a total skeptic to a firm believer. My belief has been that the God is not someone who will poke your eyes if you are naughty (That’s what they frighten kids with, in my place— “Ummachi kanna kuthidum”) God is not someone to whom you can donate Rs 10 in the hundi, and say “please let me pass in the exams”.

For me, putting it generally, God is the power that is behind the working of universe.
The Big Bang Theory says that “At a certain temperature, by an as-yet-unknown transition called baryogenesis, the quarks and gluons combined into baryons such as protons and neutrons, somehow producing the observed asymmetry between matter and antimatter. ” as one of the processes. I believe Big bang was God’s act. The basic symmetry you find in so many things, I believe they are all acts of God.
I do not think I should bow in reverence at the name of God, and God will be pleased with me. To me, respecting God is just a matter of respecting yourself. God is just a reassurance, that though things seem wrong now, there is surely a supreme power that keeps up the order. This power is the vibration present through out the universe. This power is present inside the protons, electrons and neutrons as “matter” and “anti matter”.
May be, God is the extrapolation of “matter”, and Devil, that of “anti matter”.
Anyways, I am not a temple goer. I some times cannot spend more than a minute there, but I believe in chanting, as chanting is supposed to calm you by its repetitive sounds. I believe in meditation, like I believe in gym and aerobics. I believe in introspection, so God is a convenient concentrating point for me to stop thinking about the rest.
Sometimes I feel my thoughts and ideas are constantly changing.
With an atheist, I find myself taking a stricter stance about religion than with a theist. With a theist who believes fervently, I behave skeptic, asking doubts and poking in his sentiments. With myself, I am honest. I know I need God to carry me through the day at times, but I dont cower in fear or guilt.
May be that’s why my orkut profile says, “Spiritual but not religious”??


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  1. Nandhu permalink

    i was confused for a long time about God till i decided it didnt matter at all to be clear on this. it’s better to be confused that to be absolutely wrong.

  2. Adiya permalink

    asserted blog with the good justification. AnbeSivam is another name to assertain ur blog.
    nice post.

  3. Fiery Ice permalink

    i think it is not okay to remain confused.. there might be times u need to take a stance


    Thanks and welcome.. Anbe sivam mmmmmmmmm?

  4. spook permalink

    glad to find u in the same league as of mine.. for an instant, infact, somewhere in between, i actually grew skeptic abt u copy-pasting my thots/blfs!
    keep scribbling..

  5. Fiery Ice permalink


    Do you blog?
    Let’s compare notes if yes!!

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