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Of Questions, Quadraplets and Other Quodlibets

October 15, 2006

Once upon a time there were only 25 alphabets. In case you are wondering which one was not there, it is “Q”.
Why Q was not there? Because people did not have ration shops at that time.. (PJs apart, no one needed the letter till then)
Then some one discovered the alphabet while walking along the sea. How he did that is another long story, but to cut it short, he was the one who first asked why.. And Since Why is a Question (and Y is an alphabet).. the letter Q came into existence.
Now Q was so stupid and friendless . There were not much uses for it (If scrabble had been invented, it would have got friends as it had 13 points). It also looked like it was “O”, when people did not write it well. and it came between PR (which stands for Public Relations) and is so important to a person..
Now since Question was the first word, “U” had to stick along with Q once in a while. Though U did not want it, Q began to like U and whenever it was asked to form a new word, Q tagged along U with it..
This is why all words that begin with Q have U with it..
Then when type writers came along, “I” and “U” joined hands and Q said “I will go and catch W who is double the U and hence double the mazaa..” and W said “Never mind who is this side.. as long as WE R together”
And all the 26 lived happily ever after….


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  1. Nandhu permalink


  2. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    ok seriously u r gud at tis.. I never thought you wre tis good..

    lolz.. t was good! 🙂

  3. spook permalink

    heh heh!!!
    pretty chick an article! was a gud read [an understatement, i know! 🙂 ]

  4. Fiery Ice permalink

    no method just madness

    @rebel and spook

    Thanks 🙂

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