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To Kill A Mocking Bird

October 9, 2006

“Kill as many bluejays as you want . But remember it is a sin to kill a mocking bird”

This is a dad’s advice to his children in the period of racial discrimination in Maycomb county.
The slaves have just been freed and still are looked down as “niggers”[sic]. Those were the times when there were “white trash” families and families of “fine upbringing” like the main family of the story -The Finches.

What happens when a negro man is accused of a raping a white woman? Can people bring themselves to accept the truth, which they dont want to even face? We walk through the county from the perspective of two kids and learn with them about the prejudices of their society.

Jem, Scout and Dill (Their adventure minded friend, who visits them every summer) learn the realities of a racist society the hard way, first hand Jeremy Finch (Jem) and Jean Louise Finch(Scout) are two kids brought up by a single father and their negro servant, Calpurnia. Their father, Atticus Finch, a lawyer, encourages his kids to question and answers them well. He teaches them to think. Scout wears overalls much to the dismay of her aunt Alexandra, but Atticus tells her to wear whatever she wants. Aunt Alexandra is tired of trying to make Scout grow up as a “Lady”.

Atticus appears in court to defend the accused, Tom Robinson and the entire white population of Maycomb county is enraged at the boldness of the “nigger lover” [sic] and shows it openly , which only enrages Scout and Jem, who fight every one ,cousin Francis to the old Mrs. Dubose, who call Atticus such names.

The kids learn that people will even support someone who despise just because otherwise they will be branded “nigger lover” and that true bravery is not making noise but facing that noise without being provoked yourself . Atticus teaches them life as it is, fielding questions like “what is rape?” to teaching them that words like “nigger lover” have no meaning but just hatred.

Funny at times, and serious in some parts and thought provoking always, this book deserves 7/10 in my scale.


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  1. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    It is a seriously beautiful book.. I remember reading it way back when I was in school.. Ever since I hav been wanting to read iot again, but just have not been able to..

    Esp the Atticus Finch, is THE guy.. He is the perfect man.. I was too impressed with his character back then itself..

  2. Fiery Ice permalink


    Atticus is so good just because he practises what he thinks is right. Most adults become hypocrites when facing a kid.But Atticus is someone you would call level headed.

  3. subtle fire permalink

    Awesome book… sensitive and funny… subtle… at no point of time does harper lee try to tell anyone what to do… and so she scores…

  4. Fiery Ice permalink

    @subtle fire

    Thanks 🙂

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