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September 20, 2006

A girl from UK, Subia Gaur came to India escaping from her parents to marry her internet lover for 3 years, Ashwani Gupta. Apparently, this has been covered in several papers in India and UK. They have married with the blessings of Ghaziabad police.
This made a interesting read for me. And I went on flash back..(pazhaya nenappu)

I was watching one of these music channels, about a year ago, where these ever yakking VJs talk on phone to the “aam junta”, who give a huge exclamation “Line kadachidichchi”, “Ayyo ennala nambave mudiyaleenga”, “Neenga rumba azhaga irukeenga” (Though the gal/guy looks like they have just been out on a local street fight)

There is this show, which I used to watch for purely ticklish purpose, even which, it was only half-fulfilling. I don’t remember the show name now, but it was the kind where lovers call in and dedicate the songs to their beloved…

Here was a call from Bangalore as honestly as I can transcribe from my memory. Due to technical reasons, I will translate this in English. My comments italicised..
Caller: Hello, Sun Music ah?

VJ: Hello , Yes ,I am the-dumb-VJ-with-absolutely-zero-knowledge-of –Tamil-and-Veejaying speaking..

Caller: Hi I am the-dumb-VJ-with-absolutely-zero-knowledge-of –Tamil-and-Veejaying!!! I am another-useless-caller from Bangalore. I am 18 years old. How are you?

VJ: I am fine ..How are you? Have you had lunch? What did you eat?

Call: I am fine.. 😀 I ate kozhi kozhambu (chicken curry) and rice..

VJ: Wow.. Superb..(This “Superb” is a trade mark for every VJ)

Call: I want to dedicate a song to my lover..

VJ: Oh!! Your lover !! Ok..Which song?

Call: I want to dedicate the song “Already mentioned to the caller before talking on TV”

VJ: Superb song!! Ok tell me about your lover

Call: (In case I haven’t mentioned, it is a girl) We are in love for the past one year.. He works as Sales Rep.. We love each other sincerely..

VJ: Oh I see!! Superb!! How does he look? Does he look good ? (What the hell!! What girl would say “my lover looks dumb” that too on national TV)

Call: I don’t know (Yes! You read it right.. It indeed was “I don’t know”)

(VJ looks confused)

VJ: What !! How come?

Call: We are loving through internet. (So this is how it is relevant to the story above)

VJ: Oh I see!! How did he fall in love with you then?

Call: He has seen my photo (Hey gal , If he has seen your pic and doesn’t wanna show his face and you have never met, shouldn’t you be alarmed?!!)

(VJ is now positively baffled)

VJ: Oh I see!! Okay.. Here is the song you asked for

Way to go gal.. This is the most frightening aspect of Internet love, isn’t it?


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  1. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    Hey u missed out on the qns that these VJ’s ask and the clues that they give..

    VJ — what is the capital of India?

    Caller — Sorry am not that bright!

    VJ — Seri na clue kudukaren.. Del la aarambekkum.. hi la mudiyum.. Nadula onnum illai..

    Caller.. Mmmmm

    VJ — Seri ninga poi paata paarunga, adutha caller answer pannarara paapom!

    Well, about the Internet love thingy.. it keeps happenin very frequently nowadays.. One of my frnd actually got married to a guy who proposed to her over the net.. I have no idea how all tis works..

  2. Sriram permalink

    ahem ahem ahem!!!!! :O

  3. Fiery Ice permalink


    Your comment reminds me of the crazy mohan drama where madhu is asked who was the first prime minister of india.. as a clue he is given “Ne la aarambichcu ru la mudiyum” (starts with Ne and ends with Ru).. Madhu says “NeruMaaru”…


  4. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    Fiery ji, u can always trust Crazy Mohan to crack u up! 🙂

  5. Ashwin permalink

    u left out this one too or blame it on ur bad memory! the vj would ask whether the female is married jus after she finishes explaining about her affair.

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