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Spender’s Plaza!!!

August 26, 2006

According to Times Of India survey Chennai, kancheepuram and tiruvaloor come under the top ten highest spending districts, where we had competition from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Bangalore, Hyderabad.Of course Delhi (Noida) topped…
It ought to-atleast because the parliament and all the politicians are there…
But Chennai? My reaction was from surprise to shock… especially as the city of Mahalaxmi, Mumbai doesnt even come in the list..

The first thought in my mind was -This must be wrong … The second was Oh No!! What if it is true?

No , I am not against urbanisation, making of a metro or any other such thing..But it is a little sad to see my dear own agrahaaram change to a city of spenders.

I sat about thinking what had happened to Chennai ?First thing, where do people shop? I guess Pothys , RMKv and Saravanaa Stores must be the main reason for all this change.Hence we need to give them a award or something…
I ruled out Spencer’s Plaza because, it has always been there as a free chill out (quite literally) place..where young girls and guys meet up to escape chennai sun and also to look at the hot guys and gals in the cool mall!!!
Well, Spencer’s will never sound affordable..
Yeah!!Yeah we have our Pantaloons, Westside , Globus and all that..
But the total number of shoppers there in a month, would be barely equal to visitors to Saravanaa stores and Jayachandran in a day..
And we do have so many festivals to celebrate.. and so many excuses- POngal thallupadi, Puththandu Kuthookalam, Aadi Kazhivu, Diwali sirappu virpanai,Eid -CHristmas kolaakalam!!
(To translate this all, means sale!!sale!! and sale!!!!!!
There is a sudden spurt of the likes of us, young unmarried software professionls who want to look well, eat well and pay it all back to parents..
So we spend like crazy?!!
I only hope it doesn’t stop the ladies of the city from haggling with keera kaari ( Door to door vegetable vendors)…

‘Cos that is the smell of the city I want to treasure….for ever…


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  1. R.E.B.E.L permalink

    Hey you forgot Apr-May kondattam and Kodai mazhai aadai mazhai 🙂

    Actually tats not it.. We definitely have to appreciate all the innovative ideas which they employ for a discount sale 😀

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    Hi REBEL!!
    All this are finally of benefit to us the shopping maniacs I guess.. Or is it really beneiftting?So I dont suppose any one will complain!!

  3. retarded permalink

    First of all,
    (may be sue to my ill-stricken-view), I do not understand why a city shopping a lot loses its status as nice city? Agraharams changing to shopping centres? NO. i dont think so.
    Infact, i think its nice to know that one city has enough wealth to buy things for those who are dear and can spend enough. I think it is in a way a measure of the city’s prosperity!

  4. Fiery Ice permalink


    I dont think it is not a nice city because it is becoming a city of spenders. I am glad of all the prosperity.. but buying might mean people are spending beyond their means.. what with credit cards and all..
    This all anyway is just a sudden flow of thought.. more in order to appreciate the local sellers than to criticise spending..
    If I were to criticise shopping /spending , it would be the most hilarious thing to happen on blogsphere 😀

  5. Anonymous permalink

    i used to wonder when i read arundhati roy, how can some one write about nothing.i thought it an art.
    now i wonder is every one doing it.

    i am living in an artistic world

  6. Fiery Ice permalink

    Flattered!!! Thanks

  7. Anonymous permalink

    “Flattered ?”I seriously wonder how a tree dimension object can become two dimensional with out projecting


  8. Anonymous permalink

    I seriously wonder how a 3 d object can become 2d (flattered ?) without being projected
    r u being projected


  9. Aba permalink

    may be what ever you say is true. but then if it is with the Plastic Money it is not worth the deal.

  10. Fiery Ice permalink

    Flattened is the word that is related to 3D and 2D explanations of yours which was logically confused.. how can something be flattened by projecting? Think abt it..
    I dont understand what it is about plastic money you are saying?

  11. Aba permalink

    plastic money is something, with which you spend without having money.
    That is the Credit Card.

  12. eMuki permalink

    yes shuba indeed.. i extract the below comment from my latest blog..recently CMDA ordered to bring down buildings in chennai which have been constucted like without proper docs or title and above legal limits..the prime contenders were all from one fine strech in chennai..Tnagar!!
    the topmost floor of chennai silks has been bought down now…and u know wat..the court decided very carefully about this they found the weekly business of Ranganathan strret and usman road strech alone in crores of rupees…!!!
    Chennai’s purchasing power is at an all time high and the agraharam is a major major contributor!! kudos!!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    what happens when u go flattered
    the word flat shows, r implies 2d

    same thing happens when i project u on a plane.

    so reult is same

  14. Anonymous permalink


    i think shubha the first anonymous was not complementing you.

  15. Fiery Ice permalink

    Will the anonymous leave their name? I am confused ..
    and anonymous 2 i know anonymous 1 was not complimenting me

  16. Anonymous permalink

    anonymus are anonymus
    for they like to be anpnymus

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