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Blasts in Mumbai

July 12, 2006

Eight bombs blasted in various trains in Western Railway in Mumbai killing about 150 ppl and 400 ppl being injured.
As soon as I heard the blast news, I could only think of one thing- it was so easy. Just take a train and forget the parcel when u return. The people of Mumbai must be suffering a lot, but being the city that it is, it will definitely bounce back- no thanks to the bureaucracy.
I was going through F e r r a r i‘s blog and this post struck a chord.
Why is the press intent on sensationalising any news? I can understand the craziness, when it was Mikha singh and Rakhee Sawant issue, but bomb blasts are terrorism , for heaven’s sake.Check out the link above for Rajdeep Sardesai’s moment of madness.
Can terrorism be ever cured? What gives these terrorists any idea that killing people will justify there cause? Attack of this kind is just plain imbecility.
I sometimes feel that the terrorists have lost the cause (?!) and acting sadistically.
To the terrorists,
“Blood for blood” meant your own blood, not that of innocent citizens. If you have to fight, fight a war with the soldiers. Or still better, try to find an alternative solution.
May everyone’s God save the world!!!


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  1. retarded permalink

    that last para is nice. though everyone has the same idea in mind, few vent it.

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