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Bhajji, Pakoda and chai…

July 6, 2006

Monsoon has started in Pune…
After the first childish wish to float paper boats and to walk in the rain, the next nice thing i can think is bhajji, pakoda and chai..
Since my earliest memories, whenever it rained, I used to sit near the grilled gate of my house and my paati(grand ma) used to give “suda suda bhajji and pakoda”. It was heavenly, to eat it and watch the rain with the radio or tv songs in the background..Then as I grew up, I added the joy of tea with the menu, and life was never better.. Paati used to keep filling my plate and I used to eat countless onion and potato bhajjis. 😀
Well..but that was Chennai..Rain was hard to come but bhajjis were easier to get…Here in pune, I am yet to taste authentic bhajji and pakoda.. and I cant make bhajji at home… Yet there is so much rain and the monsoon is going waste…
For now, I will have to make do with Maggi 😦
But do any of you in pune make good bhajjis???


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    u lazy girl.. if no one makes.. u make for urself 😀 .. atleast u will be tired of making and eat limited 😛

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    I can make it.. now that u have given me the recipe.. thanks

  3. retarded permalink

    if i were in pune, i wud have cukd and eaten myself. wudnt give u a single piece. [yes. yes. i relish being self-serving]
    even here in UK, we cook very nice southindian food.[ ‘nice’ being a matter of adjective and ‘very’ jus an exaggeration :)]

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