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Looking back…….

June 18, 2006

In college times, and more so in school times, I used to be an introvert. I was always content with the friends who came to me, and I have very rarely went and took the first step of friendship. In any other aspect of life, I never have avoided volunteering, but I was never comfortable in starting a new friendship. But, after the first obstacle, I used to get comfortable with the person, and every person whom I called a friend are still the same to me.

Yet, it is so surprising to go back in time, and think of the college and school days. I have little contact with college friends, except the real gang of close friends, and even lesser so, with school friends. I know what everyone does and where everyone is, but it seems so tough to get in touch with them.

I was so glad, yesterday, that my school friend and college mate Uppili came to meet me. He is doing his MS in the US of A. He happened to visit Pune to meet his sister and he came to meet me.

It was so good to get back to the old times, drop all pretences and be what I used to be and seeing them drop their pretences and be what they were to me. It was like going back to school.

We had a long talk filled with school time stories, and it was so good to see that nothing had changed me inside. All these stories of office professionalism and things aside, I was the same Shuba but with more lessons learnt.

I still regret that I have lost in touch with so many of the school friends. It is not even losing touch that pains, it is just that they are just a mail away, but sending the mail is so difficult.

This post is just to remember all those people I knew and were my friends- Souwmi, Sriram, Rajesh, Niyathi, Nivedita, Swetha, Sujatha, Rupa, Preetham, Mukundh, Archana, Satyaprakash sir, R Gayathri, V Gayathri , and back in Narayana Mission, people I stopped meeting after changing school, Lakshmi, Rohini, Mahesh, Vijay, Balu, Radhika, Deepa, Aditya, and so many people who are just faces and memories to me now.. Those I mentioned and forgot to mention, they are all such special memories, and I am so glad for every opportunity I get to talk to them or talk about them. These moments keep me going through this professional monotony…

And this post will not be enough to talk about my college friends………
So some time later about them, when I get into another bout of nostalgic memories……

Thank you people, and miss ya all!!!!!


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  1. F e r r a r i permalink

    andha naaL nyabagam nenjile vandadho? 🙂

  2. Fiery Ice permalink


    Welcome aboard

  3. Sriram R permalink

    i guess u had already talked abt ur colllege and folks over there…. now, howabt posts on individuals ?? 😉

  4. Fiery Ice permalink


    Your wish is my command 😀

  5. Sriram R permalink

    This a reminder… my wish supposedly was “something” 😛
    and though this was written good 4 yrs back… the “ordering” is a “little” “curious” 😛

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