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2:34 am

May 21, 2006

I am in office since midnight and now it is 2:34 am. I have a one time night shift.
I am pretty much enjoying it. Only that I am slightly sleepy. It is very different to sit at this time and work, but there is nothing exactly as work.

So here I am lazing about.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    hey shuba,
    nice to know tht u blog!u have a nice one here..will try and finish reading them all in a couple of days.However u shd have split up the C& H..way too long :(..maybe a strip a day

  2. Fiery Ice permalink


    thanks for the hit!!! do u blog? i know calvin and hobbes blog is a bit big (he.. he..)
    I thought, atleast the hits will increase if people come back to read the nxt part
    strip a day is a good idea… but i will need to start a new blog entirely for this ..and I am not one of those patient kind…

    Thankyou for your comments!!!

  3. Ashwin Murali permalink

    Your 2.34 am post was posted at 1.02 AM!!! 😛

  4. Fiery Ice permalink


    10 marks for observation skills.. but in my clock it was 2:34 am

  5. Avann permalink

    I Hope you have one of those Time Machines sold in Ritchie street in chennai, where by you are in future ?



  6. Fiery Ice permalink


    It was 2:34 pm US time

    sorry for the confusion

  7. Sriram R permalink

    stupid post and dumb (assumed smart) comments! 😛

  8. Fiery Ice permalink


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