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The virtually real Yuva!!!

May 18, 2006

When I started with this blog, I did so with a post about Lok paritran, the party which I reckoned, at first, was about to bring some fresh air to Indian politics. It is with this idea, that I had asked people to look at this party with some hope. My hopes were big too. But sadly, the party has split. I am not willing to question the ideology or the party problems which caused the split. I dont care about either of those now. I am worried, that this may mean, such new ventures may be looked down upon here on.

I am the eternal optimist, hoping some new wave will change our country, and this party sounded promising. It is a pity, that it should also get mired in controversies. I am not worried that it didnt get one seat, in the recent elections. The issue is that, candidates have split based on favoritism and ideology as a reason.

So, again we look back to the old, to provide something new.


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  1. Sriram R permalink

    well I expected that.. watever may b the cause of the split, one must digest the fact that, a revolution cannot work as they dont have popularity vote bank nor enuf publicity. I believe one of the parties will do some sensible thing by achieving something significant in their next chance, and then form a good alliance with some major party and look to build themselves as a strong national party, and then challenge every one else once they have a stage set to perform… this is politics, and not mathematics/science/business, where a new concept could bcum instant success.. this was how BJP came up from the split in Jan Sangh… and i strongly feel this will work out…

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    we will see…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    the more the so called intellectuals, the more will be the problems… whether the part can earn back the credibility is to be seen, but all this once again reinforces one’s faith in human failings

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Atleast if vijayakanth had won, we would have been saved from him acting again from stuff like this…



  5. Anonymous permalink

    Atleast if vijayakanth had won and become CM, tamilnadu would have been very happy to be saved from these…



  6. Fiery Ice permalink

    I dunno 😀

  7. Fiery Ice permalink


    do u think intellectuals are of no use..?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    what use are people who think but never act… or rather act the way they preach… They are our intellectuals… people like us, who have a lot to say but have no gumption to act

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