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Trip down the memory lane

May 8, 2006

It is one year since I passed out of college. These days, when I choose to introspect, I realize that the four college years have really been worthwhile. In spite of not actually having the best of education or staff, my college has its own share of small nice things. Like the canteen, where you dare not eat, to the lecture hours, which we escaped and sat in our secret hideout as a gang, there are special places.
There are special people…. Like the “Bio-:”sir, whom we used to “sight adichify” during the train trip, to Mrs. Murugaveni and Mrs. Pattu, the staff who loved to hate us. (We did give them a lot of reason to—LOL). From the ever changing principals, to the never changing HOD Maharajan , so many people whom we used to laugh at.
The hurry for Xeroxing notes, in the last moment and the exam days, when our bag was full of notes, which we never used during the semester, the tension on our faces when exams are over, and the sigh of relief when we at last cleared the papers, so many Kodak moments, we never captured…
The symposiums and the sponsorships, the cultural festivals and the confusion that follows, lectures and last bench snores, dumb staff to brilliant students….
I still remember Mr. Kumaran sir, who used to call us all with our initials, calling me Shuba D, the way I still love to be addressed as. The other Mr. Kamaraj sir and his wife Mrs. Sundari, who came with us for tour, and must have regretted it for a lifetime (ROFL), with all their teaching inabilities.
The way we used to run to library during free hours to escape from boring staff, and end up sitting dumb in library because there are only technical books, which too are in shortage always…
There were so many places we used to go after cutting classes-canteen, secret hideout, the snacks bar outside college, hotel Palimar, hotel VB, Vidya theatre, Vetri theatre, Spencer’s plaza, and of course, Udayam theatre…
The college life is so special, as whatever was restricted was what gave the best fun. So, now when I go more films per month, than I used to in a year, there is no fun in it compared to the stealth of cutting college. The coffee breaks in office may be numerous, but the self appointed canteen breaks in college were much better. The whole thing about college is that, the worst case of bunking classes was being asked by staff why there was a mass-cut. Here, in office, I dare not take a leave, fearing cut in salary as well as being caught for bunking 😉

Swe, Paddy, Nirai, Prees, Maari, SKP, Suri, Raam, Venky, Olli, Vino, Sudha, so many many memories…

I hate post-mortems. I don’t regret today. But, I believe, I am only enriching my life by looking back at the past this way.

It has been the most pleasurable four years, and the most learning four years too.

In short, as the most quoted Bryan Adams song line goes,



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  1. Sriram R permalink

    always life is fun with some one like u arnd! :-).. no matter if it was college or workplace…

    and some quotes that caught me “so many Kodak moments, we never captured”, “I am only enriching my life by looking back at the past this way.”… really good ones… well i need not commend the way u write… u r great! 🙂

    and y dont u comment on “other” blogs?? 😉 hanh??

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    thanks for noticing the lines i wanted to someone to note
    and ppl will think i am paying u to praise me the way u praise me
    stop it!!!
    hee hee
    abt the other blogs i will think

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