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Love Story-Review

January 4, 2006

Erich Segal’s “Love Story”
I read this book recently for the first time. I am so sorry I did not read it earlier. I might have liked it then.
I have always heard this statement that, the Tamil movies are made from English stories. I used to think, if any Tamil movie has ever been made from a Colin Forbes!!
No,I had not realized, that the screenplay writers of Kollywood draw inspiration from these kinds of books.
I am not saying that sad romantic stories are uncool. Jus that it could have been written better.It wanders about aimlessly except for some good quotes like “The difference between a friend and a fan is that with the fan,you run out of conversation easily”
And finally is the tragedy, which surely came too quickly but lightly that it did not touch the heart as it should have.
I am wondering, why this best seller ,which I was looking forward to, and which has been so well praised, failed to impress me when I finally got to reading it..\


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  1. Unknown!!! permalink

    Where is the book review :(?..

    There are some wonderful movies in tamil and I think in Indian movie industry tamil movies are the ones which are original rarely any movie gets dubbed/copied into tamil.

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