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Shifted by "shifts"!!!!

December 3, 2005

Working in shifts is quite a new experience for me…I have always been a “Day bird”, studying in day and watching television till 8 :00 pm, then sleeping was my routine, till my college days .Even during crucial exams, I have stayed awake through the night only 5 to 6 times, all my life. So ,coming to pune and becoming a “Night Owl” was new, if not difficult for me.
And even here, I used to wake up at night to talk or to go out with friends to a movie….

So, working with full concentration, especially listening to lengthy presentations is totally tiresome. There is nothing to understand as either ,what they teach needs practice to understand or there accent spoils it all..
Ah, what about the perks of waking up late, you ask? Don’t even imagine, I sleep late so will wake up late…This body clock of mine seems to be solar powered so well that, I wake up before my normal shift room mates and if I wake up late, what will I do for breakfast?
Then, after a good bath (that’s the only perk),I prepare my lunch, then in hot sun ,trudge my way to office….
After I come to office, so refreshed, I have no cubicle to go and relax, no work to sit and do. I just lounge about till I am bored. Check mail for the 100000000th time, till about 7 00 clock when, after some canteen break, I go for training…By this time, my body comes to relax and roam about mode, that I cant listen to these stupid accented low volume lectures, and wait for 11’o clock.
Meanwhile, my meeting is delayed and postponed and all that, finally as PM says, “Ok, bye”, I am waiting to jump out of the building…
Then, the story should end for the day..
But, thanks to our rickshaw-wallahs, who have a pet peeve for our area, refuses to ride me there, even if I offer him my total property (which, come to think of it ,is nothing, but he doesn’t know that)….I walk half the way, sometimes lucky to meet a kind rickshaw-wallah and sometime the entire distance…Finally ,as I go home, and knock the bell, I really have lost the appetite for my dinner, my poor friends have cooked .Yet, I eat as I hate to waste….then after lounging about, fall asleep around 1 am.
Tomorrow is here………….Oh Shift!!!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Shifts late at night… are for good things yet to come… may be a long stay in Us.. get used to it… who knows… you might live to love it…



  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    stay in US..i am sceptical

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