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“Undo his designs by being wise”

October 12, 2005

The title is nothing but,an article from a newspaper i read recently..It was an article I read from The Hindu -Open Page Dress Code For Women
This was not about a woman wearing scanty dress,but how to pin one’s duppatta properly so that “decent men remain decent”.
I suddenly felt i had so much to say about this.Because I feel if decent people cant remain decent ,whats point in them being called decent.
I was having a lengthy chat with my friend in email about it,which i thought I should share in my blog.

I dunno what is the defintion of decent man?

A man who can not avoid his eyes wandering o the “untellable places of a woman” when she is wearing “indecent dresses” is decent because his eyes cannot penetrate into pinned areas? Though it may sound like prevention mechanism that wearing a decent dress makes
a man think not to rape a woman,if god given she is voluptuous and her dress cannot hide what she has been bestowed with,what should she do?Undergo plastic surgery? And if it is natural instinct that men are born with ,to look at woman in her “upper part of her kameez”, what are women born with..
A woman has a natural attraction to good looking men by natural instinct too,so what does she do ,jump and rape him? Plainly,if she gets sex urges on looking a man,and has sex with him,she has lost
her “modesty” and if man does ,it is his natural instinct? what kinda “femininst” (I hate that concept,though)is this author?
I agree ,stripping off completely,is not liberalisation and would have been a little silent if she had spoken about these kinda dresses they show in fashion tv?but no,she chooses not to..she sez ,the way we wear our sarees is wrong …What is a woman supposed to do?take care of herself,or sit and take care of every street guy and “undo his designs by being wise”
A decent man cannot “become” indecent…And if he chooses to,he indecent,he never was decent And no woman needs to restrict herself ,on the account of certain “decent guys” who
are “decent and oh my god! may become indecent ” if woman does not dress decently…
I dont say anyone gotta agree with me.Cos I dont care.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I just read this article and I cant describe the way I feel.There aint any words to put across my feelings simply. How stupid can ppl get? The author has put across many “valid” “points” and I just cant think logically!!

  2. Fiery Ice permalink

    Thanks for the comments!! but by the way I really dont understand whose side u r on??

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Men were always men, what ever u wear
    the thing is not in conformity
    may be in safety.
    Don,t tempt a wolf which is alredy thirsty

  4. Karthik Mohan permalink

    i dont have anything to say other than this smile..
    poor lil lady 🙂

  5. rather raises the question of being the worst enemy of their own kind eh?

  6. Shuba permalink

    Women are not a different kind.. So I beg to differ.. They are the same species

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