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Sabr ka phal meetha hotha hai

September 25, 2005

Patience pays…Thats the rough translation of the blog and it is ,in summary what I have been hearing past one week.First things first…what am i supposed to be patient for,and what exactly are people asking me to be patient about.
I jus about three weeks ago,completed my training and waited to be put in a project.. I was put in proj no.1 and later that day shifted off it as ,a gal cannot work in it…Imagine it ,they needed 5 hours to come to a conclusion that i am a gal?Or is it that it took 5 hours to understand that there are such policies
ok then
I went two weeks training for proj 2 and wrote tests again…. On the last day they said i am off to proj 3..and i packed.Then again i heard it has night shift.Guess what am off to proj 4.
Now it so happens that this proj 4 is yet to be discovered and i am here waiting eternally.
In short,I am in what,some people call bench.Well,I am willing to wait ,’cos my friends keep assuring me “Sabr ka phal meetha hotha hai”
Then wats the problem?
The problem is ,what do i do a whole day,without a system,without a work,not knowing what i will face?
This is tough for a person like me who lacks the virtue of patience.
But yeah since I have no go I will wait,and when they put me into proj 5,will update the post..
Till then,wait and watch…


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