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Animal Sacrifices and animals who sacrifice

August 9, 2005

Think about it,you are in “Andamans Islands” and you are caught in a islet of cannibals ..they tie you at stake and dance around you ,they bathe you well and lick your salty sweat and say “#%$%^ #$%#$” meaning (“Yummy meat” in our lingo)……Wow you might think,but put yourself in thata situation……Not so good..if you are cut alive hmmm….

So people,welcome to the cold reality of animal sacrifices and the worse truth of human sacrifices….This blog s dedicated to animals that kill other animals……..not tigers,not lions…but humans who kill animals in the name of god…….Asking people not to kill animals ,may not be a popular statement among non -vegetarians but eating for food is different and i am not arguing about that for now..My opposition is towards people who use god’s name to satisfy there own natural instincts of the old uncivilised Ice Age..
I have seen myself two sacrifices of a goat and a chicken till date in the CITY of pune myself,and have heard that it is more prevelant in other areas of Maharashtra like Marath wada….even human sacrifices
Well i have not understood the whole logic of sacrifices…that you kill god’s creation to satisfy god. It is like saying , I will kill a plant to please the gardener…
And also in my State (as far as my knowledge goes) people sprinkle water on the goat before sacrificing .. as soon as it shivers ,they say that,goddess has accepted the “bali” (sacrifice) and kill the goat..Wow ..poor thing will shiver when so much cold water is poured on it……
I heard that in this area , they kill even people if they dream that they progress in life because they kill their parents /son/anyone……..Any one asked why India cannot be a world leader? I dont say dreams dont come true,they might have,but at the cost of a life?
Well ,I dont even doubt that they will kill themselves on dreaming that their farms will become more productive…. Because the men who sacrifice are not scheming murderers but foolish rustics who believe in the age old tradition of sacrificing…….which started as one man’s blind superstition.
Life is precious……and i am extremely upset that people use god as an excuse……Well i dunno what else to say…….I can only wonder ……what can be done?


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