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Adhu oru mazhaikkaalam

August 3, 2005

i was always fascinated by water……….being from chennai—that shud be no surprise but i had an extra factor of luv for it as it was a unique element compositely opposite to my nature i am a fire person of fire brand from a fire sign-Aries ,but water is something that attracts me as in “opposites attract” and in pune this attraction and yearning for water and rain is fulfilled ……………this rain in pune…………is the best .

Have you noticed ,floods and earthquakes upset people more than fires and volcanoes…..i think this is cos,fire is more obviously uncontrollable……….it looks fearsome and people learn fire is dangerous the first time they burn a finger…..but water ,the placid,slow and life giving element of nature, is expected to remain so and wat is not expected is its fury and anger…. jus like people who are quiet and tolerant are expected to bear everything like that always…well….then my point is that…(after all that beating around the bush)… cannot jus hate water because it is flood . it is as illogical as blaming sun for drought……..i believe nature is almighty and that one can coexist with nature in harmony (as in enjoy the rain even in pune traffic blocks) if only one realises that nature came first.

Then did we so if you happen to get caught in the mid of rain-stop to feel the first drop of water on your face…smell the scent of rain…watch the umbrellas of people getting upturned by the wind…laugh at everybody hurrying to shade…then thank god for ensuring that you have water -the life giver …i jus wanna quote a tamil filmi song
“mazhai devadhayin parisu yaarum thirumi kolla vendaam
nedunchalayil nanaya oruvar sammadhamum vendaam”
(rain is god’s gift dont turn your face away… need for anyone’s permission to drench yourself in rain while walking in the road”)
“nee kangal moodi karaiyum bodhu mannil sorgam eidhuvaai”
(when you close your eyes and dissolve like the rain then you shall see wat it is like to have heaven on earth”)
so people ,you bear the brunt of your boss’s bad breakfast
you bear the words of your wife’s incessant chattering
you bear the tantrum of your kids
you bear the nagging of your neighbours
you bear the fights of your partner
and all this you do jus for the sake of the relationships
Hoping this all pays fruit and here is the rain which does nothing but give life ,bring cheer ,sustains mankind and amoeba jus the same,not even expecting you to do anything ……….and because it decides to show its luv on you jus little too long,you curse it……..well i am not out to convince anyone ,but next time u curse the rain think of the long hot summer droughts and the people who kill themselves because of these droughts….okso dont say
“Rain Rain Go Away
come again another day
little johny wants to play”
jus say
“Rain Rain Come and go
As you wish and as you know
little johny with u shall play
rain rain please do stay”


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