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Sob story of job seekers….(esp. IT industry)

May 21, 2005

i jus dunno wy i did it but yeah i did it..I attended the verizon off campus interview… If any of u wanna know wat third degree torture is , this is it people . had to stand in sun for about two hours and then u enter the college campus…. then u get a form which u hafta fill while managing to be in the queue which is constantly moving and then u meet one of those “smart” HRs who r supposed 2 b paid for handling people and they kick about their would-be employees like they were dogs , shouting commands like”stand here” make a queue there”etc.. then we get to the registration desk and atlast u r about to enter the hall-u think… but they say “no … last batch is jus over good bye thank u”and they get off with all this because they r the controllers of the largest job market-the IT industry..
wat really hit the nail in my head was an auto driver’s comment as he passed us on the road…”indha pozhappukku autove ottalam”( translates obscurely as better drive auto than this kinda living)so thats the day’s issue- is going to every interview especially walk-ins like this one worth it? considering the fact that the situation is worse once u get the job……I wonder…..


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